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Cursed Mario

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Cursed Mario is the fourth platformer to come along since Nintendo brought back the original 2D style of Mario action a few years ago on the Arcade Games, and as such, it isn't all that "new" anymore. But it fits nicely in the role of a sturdy, well-made Mario nostalgia piece to go along with your avalible on arcade games, online. There are some inventive new touches scattered here and there in some of the game's individual levels, and the whole package serves as a wonderfully promising early example of what Nintendo's artists will be able to do with high-definition graphics at their disposal.

Controls of the Game

WASD for move

ARROWS for move

X for fireballs

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Stay alive

Control your gravity jumps

Hit as many enemys you can

Watchout with lives

game review

Everything about Cursed Mario is pretty exciting, except the game itself. Is it possible that this is the best game in the "Arcade" series to date--not to mention one of the best exclusive Arcade Game on the market, by default--and at the same time kind of flatly uninteresting? Apparently so. The game is perfectly well made for what it is, and I had plenty of fun playing it in short bursts here and there, but at this point the series' by-the-numbers design philosophy is starting to lend the name "Cursed Mario" a degree of unintentional irony.