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Mine Trap

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Games can be ridiculously reductive portrayals of complex problems. Everything is eventually solvable via learning and repetition. Once you figure out the system, you can start exploiting it. What was once difficult becomes easy. War, politics, relationships… they're all "winnable" if you simply have the skill and insight to play the system. This Mine Trap is a different–and far more honest–kind of game.

Controls of the Game

WASD - Move


SPACE - Jump

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Stay alive

Control your gravity jumps

Don't spend all energy at once

Be on lookout on fail jumps

game review

If you set Mine Trap theme aside, you'd have a tough and demanding survival and resource-management game – but it never lets you forget that it's about a serious and sad subject. It's full of thorny problems, and that just makes your small gains all the sweeter. As things begin to go wrong, the choices get harder. But posing them, and putting the moral issues in sharp relief alongside the physical ones, is what makes Mine Trap one of the year's most thoughtful games.